Sustainable Package

Yihai Kerry is committed to reducing the environmental impact of packaging in the production, distribution and recycling process. Using the national standard GB/T 16716 Packaging and Environment as our guide, we carry out sustainable packaging projects, systematically optimize packaging materials and product design, and continuously develop environmentally friendly product packaging to fulfill our corporate environmental and social responsibilities.

Target: “Sustainable Packaging 2025 Program": Based on the products and sales volume in 2020, we will reduce the use of packaging materials by 15,000 tons by the end of 2025 and strive to exceed 90% of the recyclable ratio of packaging materials each year.


We are committed to promoting the use of sustainable packaging, upholding the 4R1D (such as reduce, reuse, recycle, recovery, and degradation) principles in our operations, implementing the 3R Strategy. Based on the principles of reduction at source, reduction in process and reduction at the end, we continuously reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials.


To meet our functional packaging needs while still meeting consumer (user) expectations, we systematically redesigned our product packaging, and reduced the use of packaging materials by using new materials and changing the physical appearance.
      •  17 new packaging reduction projects in 2022, which can reduce the use of plastic and paper packaging materials and reduce packaging by 646 tons

We improved the reuse of packaging materials and reduced packaging waste.

      •    Carried out a "box-box sharing" project with upstream and downstream supply chain partners to reuse product outer cartons, reducing paper consumption by 10 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 11.37 tons.
      •    Promote the use of recycled food containers in central kitchen student meal plan
      •    Work with customers to promote the reuse of tonnage bag packaging
We adjusted packaging material formulations and optimized the structural design to make it easy to recycle the packaginjg materials.

      •    Storage and transportation cartons simplify design, reduce ink use and promote paper recycling 
      •    Continue to promote the use of recycled plastics in non-food contact packaging.


Advocating packaging sorting and recycling

The Company prioritizes supporting consumers to accurately sort and recycle packaging after use. For example, the plastic packaging bottles and caps of our packaged oil products are marked with the plastic code; and metal packaging has the recyclable packaging logo printed on it. In the future, we plan to gradually add packaging recycling marks, material identification marks of packaging components, and packaging recycling guideline marks to recyclable product packaging under the national standard GB/T18455 Packaging Recycling Marks when products are replaced. We will reformat our packaging to help consumers accurately classify and recycle our product packaging.