Cereal Further Processing and Derivative

The cereal further processing and derivative business unit (CFPD BU) was established in March 2021, which mainly involves in further processing of various food crops such as corn, soybeans, potatoes, and sugar beets as raw materials, spanning across many fields such as medicine, food, catering, baking, chemical industry, etc. Currently, the projects under construction are mainly large-scale comprehensive industrial parks, and these are comparatively large individual investment. In the early stage of division establishment, it will comprehensively develop the cereal further processing industry, strengthen the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industrial chain, and explore new fields such as medicine and health, and biological materials. Taking advantage of Yihai Kerry's technological research and development advantages to develop functional products and contribute to the development of national science and technology.


With the integration of product diversification, functionalization and technology in the division, it will enhance market competitiveness and increase product added value. We have more market advantages by cooperating with top companies and customers in various fields. The division will use new technologies to reduce energy consumption, ensure green environmental protection, collect information, rely on the market, truly realize the output of high-quality products, provide high-quality services and promote healthy and stable development of the industry.


CFPD BU operates multiple production bases and large industrial parks in Kaiyuan, Qiqihar, Zhoukou, Qinhuangdao, Ulanhot and other cities; involving Arawana , Yihai, Gold Ingots, Fengyuan, Hejing, Fuyu, Jiayu, Jiaxue, Jinshifeng, Ouzhimei, Flower Drum and other brands.