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Group Vision
To Build an Ideal Group
We are a firm advocate of sustainable growth and we are committed to our role as a responsible corporate citizen.
  1. Excellent Team
  2. Excellent Corporate Culture
  3. Healthy and Safe Products
Croup Core Values
  1. Integrity and Honesty

    Be honest and act with integrity. Be loyal to the Company and conduct due diligence. Show love for your colleagues, along with trust and cooperation. Be sincere to our customers, and seek coprosperity and coexistence. Be frugal, honest and self-disciplined.

  2. Diligence and Innovation

    Diligence is the cornerstone of progress,innovation is the secret to success. Work hard, persevere in learning, and have the courage to develop. Keep making progress and strive to do your best in every job. Use new knowledge and new ideas to achieve continuous innovation in technology, products, services, systems, etc.

  3. Health and Safety

    Pay attention to personal, production, food, and environmental safety and risk control. Look after the health and safety of your colleagues as well as yourself. Work diligently to provide society with safe, healthy, high-quality products.

  4. Harmony and Sharing

    Be low-key, work efficiently, and create a harmonious and efficient corporate atmosphere. Care about each other, help each employee realize their potential, and provide employees with space for development and promotion. Make employees rich and help them grow with the Company. Participate in charitable and public welfare events, and show your care for society through your actions.