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Reduce Pollution

Yihai Kerry will, in accordance with the Environmental Policy, always uphold the principle of compliant and transparent management of pollutants and effectively control pollutant emissions in all operation processes; Yihai Kerry strictly complies with the laws and regulations related to pollutant emission in the place of operation, continuously improves environmental management system, and actively fulfills its environmental responsibilities.


Yihai Kerry installs online monitoring devices as required by local governments in the places of operation to achieve real-time monitoring of waste water and exhaust gas, ensuring the compliance of its waste water and exhaust gas emissions to local standards, and disclosing relevant data to the public for their supervision. In addition, by setting alert values, Yihai Kerry has realized the early warning of key indicators, including total amount and concentration of pollutants in waste water and exhaust gas emissions. Yihai Kerry collects environmental and ecological big data through the information management platform to leverage the technical advantages of big data statistical analysis and achieve applications in early warning and prediction, analysis and decision-making, daily management and other aspects.


Waste Water Management

By strictly complying with the laws and regulations of the place of operations, Yihai Kerry has established and implemented a number of internal management procedures related to sewage treatment to improve the management level of waste water and minimize their negative impacts on the environment on the basis of ensuring compliant emissions. Yihai Kerry will continue to improve the professionalism of EHS Department and regularly carry out environmental trainings to improve the level of environmental protection management.


Exhaust Gas Management

By strictly complying with the laws and regulations of the place of operations, Yihai Kerry has established and implemented Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Treatment and other internal management procedures on the basis of compliant emissions to improve the management level of exhaust gas and minimize their generation and emission.


Yihai Kerry continues to strengthen the management of environmental data, and discover and resolve abnormal emissions in time to ensure compliant emission by reviewing online monitoring and third-party testing data. In addition, Yihai Kerry also continues to strengthen the maintenance of exhaust gas treatment facilities and intensify the monitoring of exhaust gas treatment facilities to reduce the emission of air pollutants.


Waste Management

By strictly complying with the laws and regulations of the place of operations, Yihai Kerry has established and implemented Management Measures for Solid Waste, Responsibility Procedures for Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollutions of Hazardous Waste and other internal management procedures to improve waste recycling efficiency and reduce waste generation and disposal as much as possible on the basis of ensuring compliant waste disposal.


For hazardous waste, Yihai Kerry has developed and strictly implemented legal and compliant temporary storage and disposal measures, upgraded and renovated collecting and storing points and places of hazardous wastes in accordance with laws and regulations, and delivered such collected and stored wastes to qualified third party for harmless treatment, so as to reduce their negative impacts on the environment.


For non-hazardous waste, Yihai Kerry actively explores and applies new methods and technologies to reduce the waste generation, and improve the comprehensive recycling rate by internal and external utilization and other means.


From January to October 2021, factories under Yihai Kerry generated 1.87 million tons of waste, of which 170,000 tons were non-hazardous wastes which are treated by qualified third parties; 1.7 million tons of waste were recycled through internal and external recycling, with a recycling rate at 91%.


Waste By-products Recycling

Yihai Kerry is committed to building a green and low-carbon recycling system that covers resource conservation and environmental protection, utilizing all available resources to plan green and low-carbon development with new ideas.


--Green Processing and Comprehensive Utilisation of Waste By-products

Vegetable oil production will also produce a variety of by-products, such as soap stock, spent bleaching earth, deodorization distillate (DD oil), etc. during oil refining. By using green processing technology to turn these waste by-products to profit, Yihai Kerry realizes the deepening utilization of resources.


By using soap stock and spent bleaching earth as raw materials to produce fatty acid, glycerin and other basic oleochemicals to be used as high-quality raw materials for downstream fine chemical industry; and by using DD oil as raw material to produce natural vitamin E, phytosterol and fatty acid methyl ester, Yihai Kerry greatly improves the value of by-products and extends the industrial chain.


The “rice circular economy model” developed by Yihai Kerry can completely replace fossil fuels, which is able to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by generating electricity through burning waste rice husks from traditional rice. Rice husk ash can also be made into activated carbon and white carbon black, and such highly dispersed white carbon black extracted from rice husk ash is more reinforcing than ordinary white carbon black and is an ideal material for producing green tires.


--Renewable Raw Material

Yihai Kerry uses bio-oil raw materials instead of petrochemical raw materials to produce chemical products, reducing oil consumption and environmental impact. Yihai Kerry has independently developed the glycerol ECH (epichlorohydrin) technology, converting glycerol derived from renewable oils to ECH without using propylene, the petrochemical product, as raw material. Through scientific research and innovation, Yihai Kerry recycles almost all the intermediate hydrochloric acid, while greatly reducing consumption of liquid alkali and generation of waste water.


--Cleaner Production

Yihai Kerry is the first to apply supercritical technology to produce vitamin E, which, compared with traditional processing technology, adds no catalyst in production and processing with almost no waste discharge, forming a whole green and environmental-friendly process.