Reduce Pollution

Yihai Kerry will, in accordance with the Environmental Policy, always uphold the principle of compliant and transparent management of pollutants and effectively control pollutant emissions in all operation processes; Yihai Kerry strictly observes the laws and regulations related to pollutant emission in the place of operation, continuously improves environmental management system, and actively fulfills its environmental responsibilities.

Yihai Kerry installs online monitoring devices as required by local governments in the places of operation to achieve real-time monitoring of waste water and exhaust gas, ensuring the compliance of its waste water and exhaust gas emissions, and disclosing relevant data to the public for their supervision. In addition, by setting alert values, Yihai Kerry has realized the early warning of the total amount and concentration of pollutants in waste water and exhaust gas emissions, and collect environmental protection and ecology big data through the information management platform to leverage the technical advantages of big data statistical analysis and achieve applications in early warning and prediction, analysis and decision-making, daily management and other aspects.



Waste Management

The Company strictly complies with the legal and regulatory requirements of the countries and places in which it operates,has formulated and implemented Management Measures for Solid Waste, and actively explores ways to improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of waste to ensure compliance with waste disposal regulations and to reduce waste generation as much as possible.For hazardous waste, we strictly implement the environmental management requirements for generation, collection, storage,transportation, utilization and disposal. We upgrade the temporary storage sites for hazardous waste according to the law, and hand them over to qualified disposal units for resource utilization or harmless disposal to reduce their impacts on the environment.


For general solid waste, we explore and apply new methods and technologies to reduce the amount of solid waste we generate, and improve the efficiency of comprehensive recycling through internal and external comprehensive utilization, etc. We are committed to building a green, lowcarbon recycling system, reusing all possible resources, and to planning green, low-carbon development with new ideas.


Comprehensive utilization of green processing
Raw Material Substitution and Renewables Clean Manufacturing
  • During the production of vegetable oils, various by-products are produced. We use green treatment technology to turn waste into treasure and work on resource utilization.
  • We developed new industrial models such as the full utilization of rice and soybean intensive p rocessi n g , b u rning husks discarded from traditional rice processing to generate power, and converting and processing raw grains onsite to add value.
  • Thanks to independent R&D of glycerol ECH technology, we no longer use petrochemical propylene as raw material.
  • Owing to scientific research,almost a l l the intermediate products are recycled, and the consumption of liquid caustic soda has been greatly reduced
  • We took the lead in using supercritical technology to produce vitamin E. Compared with traditional processing technology, there is no need to add a catalyst during production and processing, and there is almost no waste discharge. The whole process is green and environmentally friendly.


Waste Water and Exhaust Gas Management

Following the requirements of our internal policies and systems, such as Environmental Policy, Exhaust Gas Management and Stormwater and Wastewater Management, we always adhere to the compliant and transparent management of pollutant emissions,and monitor, guide and help our Group's factories effectively control pollutant emissions in all aspects of their operations to achieve green development.


Management initiatives for reducing wastewater and air pollutant emissions
According to the requirements of the local ecological and environmental,we install online pollutant monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring of the main pollutants of waste water and waste gas to ensure the discharge of waste water and waste gas meet the standards, disclose the relevant data to the public, and engage in public consultation By setting a warning value, we get an early warning of the total discharge amount and pollutant discharge concentration of waste water and exhaust gas, and collect environmental data through the information management platform.This showcases the technical advantages of big data statistical analysis and achieves early warnings, support analysis and decision-making, and other aspects. We promote the development of a circular economy. Through the comprehensive utilization of raw materials, almost all intermediate products are recycled, which greatly reduces the consumption of liquid caustic soda and the generation of waste water.