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Green Factory

While bringing nutrition and health to consumers, Yihai Kerry always upholds the principle of green development-oriented, continuously strengthens green management and mode innovation, guides and procures factories to accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system according to GB/T 36132 General Principles for Assessment of Green Factory and other standards, constantly builds modern, ecological and smart factories based on the principle of “Intensive Factory Buildings, Harmless Raw Materials, Clean Production, Waste to Resource and Low-carbon Energy”, practices the concept of green industrial development, and achieves green transformation and upgrading.


As at the end of 2021, the Company had obtained 50 green factory certifications,including 21 national green factories, 23 provincial green factories, and six municipal green factories.


Yihai Kerry has also been introducing new technologies and new processes, taking green transformation as an important connotation of high quality development of factories, and increasing investment in technological transformation projects to achieve energy saving, low carbon and recycling. Due to its excellent performance in energy management, Southseas Oils & Fats Industry (Chiwan) Co., Ltd. of Yihai Kerry won the “2020 Global Energy Management Leadership Awards” - Energy Management Insight Award, becoming the only enterprise in the grain, oil and food industry with this honor in 2020, and the award is the first international award Yihai Kerry has received in the field of energy management and green development.



During its development, Southseas Oils & Fats has introduced the concept of green and ecological design. For example, in its project of Refining and Production Vacuum System Renovation, it introduced the international first-class cold vacuum system and its technology, saving 3639 tons of standard coal equivalent per year; In 2019, it introduced the current advanced magnetic levitation technology to transform the refrigeration system, saving 236 tons of standard coal equivalent per year.


    Southseas Oils & Fats Industry (Chiwan) Co., Ltd.

In the future, Yihai Kerry will continue with its technological, model and management innovation, inject the concept of green and circular development throughout the development of the Group, carry out in-depth development of the whole industrial chain, significantly increase the efficiency of energy and resources, help with global greenhouse gas emission reduction, make products greener and safer, and contribute to the planet protection and sustainable development.