Central Kitchen Food

YKA has been in the food and agribusiness industry for more than 30 years. In tandem with the rising demand for central kitchen products, Wilmar expanded its central kitchen business, WKitchen, by leveraging the Group's robust distribution network and wide range of grain and oil products. WKitchen is committed to creating anintegrated and sustainable business model of central kitchen food parks in China that provides a rich variety of healthy and convenient foods for consumers.


WKitchen food parks connect the entire food supply chain in an integrated complex, from upstream suppliers of raw ingredients and midstream manufacturers to downstream central kitchens, restaurants and consumers. Resources and services such as warehouses, research and development (R&D) labs, transportation logistics, and distribution channels are shared among tenants of the complex, further improving the efficiency of food production and supply, while reducing operating costs. This efficiency-driven approach conserves energy in production and adopts a green and sustainable central kitchen business model.


  1. Economies of scale  from bulk purchase of raw materials
  2. Production advantages of strategic nationwide locations
  3. Product R&D and technical expertise
  4. Logistics, transportation, and distribution advantages
  5. Extensive sales and distribution channels
  6. Sustainable development


Concept of WKitchen Food Park

  • Nutritious  

Provide nutritionally-balanced meals that meet the diverse health needs of consumers by optimising the use of raw ingredients.

  • Healthy

Work with nutritionists to develop healthier central kitchen food products that meet the increasingly refined dietary requirements of different consumers, while advancing the Healthy China vision.

  • Safe

Strictly meet food safety standards by using state-of-the-art equipment, automated production lines and comprehensive testing to ensure food safety and consistency throughout the entire food production process.

  • Delicious

Develop a variety of delicious food products in collaboration with the Group's R&D center, Arawana Culinary Research Institute, and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences-YKA Central Kitchen Research Institute.

  • Innovative

The food park’s vertically integrated business model promotes efficiency and sustainability by connecting upstream suppliers to downstream kitchens, restaurants and consumers, reducing costs and tracing food products to all the way to their source.

  • Affordable

Provide more affordable products and services by centralising distribution and leveraging the Group’s robust supply chain and expertise in the production of edible oils, rice and flour, to reduce costs.