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Following the Company Law of the People's Republic of China, the Securities Law of the People's Republic of China, the Basic Standards for Internal Control of Enterprises, and other relevant national requirements, Yihai Kerry formulated a public Whistleblower Protection Policy , built a comprehensive internal system for handling reports and protecting whistleblowers, and provides protection to whistleblowers in accordance with the law.


Reporting matters and incentives

  • The Company encourages employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to report any misconduct or wrongdoing within the Company.
  • For confirmed cases, different amounts of cash incentives are given to complainants and whistleblowers based on the amount of money involved.


Reporting methods

  • Whistleblowers can report and complain through the Chairman's reporting email mentioned in the Whistleblower Protection Policy, or by reporting directly to relevant Company personnel.
  • Whistleblowers can make anonymous or real-name reports.


Whistleblower protection

  • The Company ensures permanent and strict confidentiality protection of the information and identity of whistleblowers; in the investigation process for real-name reports, we strictly limit the number of persons who have access to the information,and hide information about the whistleblower in the relevant documents and reports.
  • In the event of leakage of information or retaliation against a whistleblower, the Company will take severe punitive action and send internal Company notification to those responsible for the leak. In serious circumstances, involving suspected illegal and criminal behavior, the cases are transferred to the appropriate judicial organizations for processing.


Report handling and accountability mechanisms

  • For reports received, after a preliminary judgment, the Company will initiate an investigation, if appropriate.
  • Through the analysis and investigation of the reported materials, if confirmed, the Company will adopt appropriate mechanisms for assigning responsibility.


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