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Yihai Kerry is committed to biodiversity conservation in its operations and supply chain in accordance with the Environmental Policy.


Being related to human well-being and providing conditions for human survival, Biodiversity is an important basis for ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability. Biodiversity includes genetic diversity, species diversity and ecosystem diversity.

Yihai Kerry has collated all processes of its production and operation, analyzed the impact of each process on biodiversity, and identified the areas that have a greater impact on biodiversity, so as to, in a real sense, respect, adapt to and protect nature, step up biodiversity conservation, and promote harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


Environmental Impact Assessment
Before project construction, Yihai Kerry prepares environmental impact assessment report or report form and registration form according to law, strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system, investigate, forecast and assess the possible adverse effects on the surrounding environment after the site selection, design and completion, operation and use of construction projects, including biodiversity assessments. For example, the vulnerability of the surrounding ecosystem and the impact on vegetation and organisms (such as marine fish, etc.) are to be assessed. Thereafter, Yihai Kerry will propose countermeasures and actions to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts, as well as methods and systems for follow-up monitoring, and submit projects for approval in accordance with legal procedures.


Upon approval, Yihai Kerry will carry out construction in accordance with the requirements of prevention and control measures in the environmental impact assessment report, and ensure that the pollution prevention facilities and the main construction project are designed, constructed and put into operation at the same time.


In 2021, the environmental impact assessment (including biodiversity assessment) covered all newly built factories.