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Safeguarding Employees’Rights and Interests




Yihai Kerry strictly abides by labor Law, Labor Contract Law and other relevant laws and regulations, follows the principle of equality and consensus, signs labor contracts with employees, and is committed to building a good labor relationship. The Group precludes the use of child labor, insists on equal pay for equal work, and guarantees equal employment opportunities for women, the disabled and other vulnerable groups.


With full consideration of the rationality of personnel structure of the employing departments, Yihai Kerry openly selects and recruits outstanding talents. For all positions advertised externally, responsibilities and requirements will be clearly defined, and candidates are provided with related consulting services as best as the company can under the recruitment system.


Yihai Kerry stipulates in its system that all recruitment leaders of the Group shall not release any employment discrimination information, including that on gender, age, race, ethnicity, region and other aspects in recruitment advertisement. For the kinship relationship between the applicant and the Group's employees, we define the identifications of different types of relationship and the principle of job avoidance, to ensure that all the job seekers are provided with an equal opportunity to find a job and workplace.


Compensation and Welfare

Yihai Kerry provides competitive compensation and welfare for employees in the same industry and in the same region. We made various social insurance contributions on time in accordance with national laws and regulations, continuously improve the welfare security system and standardize labor management. We ensure that employees enjoy statutory holidays, paid annual leave and other holidays stipulated by national laws and regulations and the Group systems, providing employees with the rights to reasonable rest and vacation.

In line with the principle of protecting employees' vital interests and improving employees' satisfaction and sense of belonging, Yihai Kerry's welfare policy has established a reasonable employee welfare system and clarified employee welfare management. Employee welfare system includes social insurance, employee physical examination, employee bereavement pension, annual and festival benefits, high temperature fee/heating fee, employee activities, retirement benefits, etc. Meanwhile, as the Group is more active in assuming social responsibilities, the Group is paying more attention to female employees, employees in difficulties, people with disabilities and other groups, and is committed to improving the diversity and inclusiveness of the Group.

In 2021, we have carried out activities and projects targeted at different groups, including Women's Day activities, Mommy Hut, and subsidies for disaster affected Henan families.


Employee Development

Employee development is an important foundation for enterprise development. By constantly improving the talent management and training system, Yihai Kerry helps employees to grow in their careers, so that they can leverage their talents and make contributions in their positions.

The talent development strategy of Yihai Kerry follows the following principles: taking internal trainings as the core, focusing on echelon construction, gradually realizing younger teams, introducing professional talents according to business needs and strengthening the competition mechanism. Relying on the support of talent development strategy and perfect talent system, the Group has gradually established and improved the resource system, including system platform, lecturers and courses.

We conduct orientation training for all new employees to help them build a global understanding of the Group, including corporate culture, product knowledge, anti-corruption and so on. We have set up a team of in-house lecturers and invited excellent external lecturers to provide theoretical and practical training for employees and improve their knowledge, skills and business ability. Through mature talent training programs covering employees, directors, managers and executive body, as well as professional ability training in various departments and positions, the Group improves organizational capacity and contributes to the rapid development of the Group.

In addition, we have established relevant guidelines and policies to urge the development of all employees. For example, the Code of Business Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Employees are required to be observed by all employees, and corruption, bribery, kickbacks, fraud and other improper behaviors are strictly prohibited. As mentioned in the Product Liability Policy, the Group regularly conducts publicity and knowledge trainings on product liability (including but not limited to product quality and safety, product nutrition and health, customer rights and interests protection and satisfaction survey, responsible marketing, etc.) for employees.

In 2021, we have conducted various training works, including: the establishment of new employee training system 2.0 for new project factories, the establishment of professional skills training standards for new employees and college students, professional talent training series projects, director level projects, marketing general manager training, and excellent distributor projects, etc.


Employee Promotion

With a sound promotion management system and incentive mechanism, Yihai Kerry sets up management promotion channels and technical/professional promotion channels for different types of talents, and has corresponding job salary design to provide smooth career development channels for employees.

With the scientific tools and methods, such as 360 evaluation, competency assessment, talent inventory, etc., we comprehensively evaluate employees' expertise and abilities, and select excellent employees with integrity, talent, ability and performance for promotion to higher levels or ranks.


Employee Communication

--Respect Employee' Demands

The Group opens communication channels for employees and listens to their opinions through interviews, forums, regular department meetings and annual satisfaction and engagement surveys. In addition, some companies under Yihai Kerry collect employees' opinions and suggestions through email and online channels, creating convenient conditions for employees to express their demands in a timely and reasonable manner. Subsequently, the Group takes improvement actions and strictly implements them based on the opinions collected from employees through various channels, responding to employees in a timely manner.

--Guiding and Participating in Direct Communication with Employees by Executive Body

General Managers of a number of companies regularly organize face-to-face discussions with employees, invite representatives of various departments or plants, respond to the opinions collected one by one and take appropriate corrective actions. In addition, the general managers of some companies innovated the ways of communication with front-line employees by inviting employees from different departments and levels, and at different ages and different working years to have lunch together in the form of “table forum” every month, which can eliminate employees’ concerns on communication, promoting “communication” by “eating”, and responding and solving employees problems immediately after meal.

--Enhanced Communication Channels with Employees by Party Committees, Trade Union and Youth League

The company leverages the strength of the trade union, and organizes regular trade union meetings with recommended representatives of employees, who will feedback problems in the company's management and the strong demands of employees. Subsequently, the trade union and the company work together to solve the existing problems.