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Employee Rights

Yihai Kerry believes that caring for the well-being of employees and helping them fulfill their individual values are important for the Company to achieve sound, long-term development. We fully protect the rights and interests of our employees, build a fair and just employment management system, and create an open, inclusive and diversified cultural atmosphere. The Company pays attention to the self-development of employees,and provides competitive and reasonable compensation, benefits and promotion mechanisms to provide multi-dimensional support for employees in different career stages and positions; creates a healthy and efficient workplace environment; and cares about the physical and mental health and safety of its employees, to promote the mutual development of talent and the enterprises.

  1. Employment and Rights

    We respect and protect the rights and interests of our employees and adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards any employment of child labor or forced labor. 


    In 2022, Yihai Kerry clearly stipulated in the Employee Reward and Punishment System that labor contracts would be terminated for those who committed threats of violence, intimidation, sexual harassment, or affecting the order of the group, so as to safeguard the rights and interests of employees. To continuously safeguard the implementation of our human rights policies, we conduct annual audits or audit self-inspections that include human rights protection for all operating companies and subsidiaries. In addition, we pay attention to the human rights protection of our partners by conducting a sustainability questionnaire survey of 100% of our key suppliers in the non-trade packages category within 2022, including human rights policies such as the prohibition of child labor and the prohibition of forced labor, as well as tracking and auditing them to ensure that our suppliers are compliant with the use of labor.


    As of December 31, 2022, the Group had a total of 34,457 employees.


    Staff Recruitment

    Our employees are a valuable resource for Yihai Kerry. The Group has formulated a Recruitment Management System, based on the principles of legality, openness and fairness, following the relevant laws and regulations.


    In the recruitment process, we start from the job responsibilities and requirements, select the best qualified applicants, and resolutely eliminate discrimination in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity, and place of birth, etc.

    In addition, Yihai Kerry is committed to the training and development of its employees and regards them as its most valuable assets, and has a number of good initiatives to minimize brain drain.



    Promote differentiated training programs, effectively build the Group's talent development platform, and help all types of employees clarify their career planning and development


    Advocate a harmonious, sharing and positive corporate culture. Organize recreational activities such as fun games, knowledge quizzes, and cultural evenings to enrich the connotation of corporate culture and create a cheerful and open workplace environment


    Sound personnel management policies, such as salary, performance, recruitment, promotion, labor, training, innovation, attendance, rewards, and punishments, to ensure that the daily work can "have rules and evidence to follow"


    Set up a reasonable and fair remuneration system, and differentiated incentive performance policy. Design targeted solutions, implement coaching, and track effects according to different companies, businesses, and position level


    Welfare care, humanistic care, we orgnaize regular care activities for employees

  2. Growth and Development

    Building a Diverse Talent Team
    With the goal of building a female-friendly enterprise, Yihai Kerry protects the rights and interests of female employees by publicizing the concept of gender equality and improving related management systems. At the same time, it also carries out cultural activities for female employees to enrich their workplace life. Most of the subsidiaries of the Group have set up caring moms' huts to take care of breastfeeding female employees, and in 2022, we were awarded two four-star caring moms' huts and one five-star caring moms' hut by the Women Workers' Committee of the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.


    In addition, in protecting the rights and interests of foreign and ethnic minority employees, we emphasize the relationship between "diversity" and "unity", respecting "diversity" and promoting "unity". In addition, we emphasize the relationship between "diversity" and "oneness", respecting "diversity" and promoting "oneness" to create a company atmosphere that respects differences and tolerates diversity.


    Unobstructed Talent Development Channel
    We have a perfect and unimpeded talent development channel, relying on the "Employee Promotion Management System", "Promotion Assessment Management Standards", "Organizational Development Work Guidance Manual" and other systems and systems, to provide employees with career paths suitable for their own development.


    Improving the Differentiated Training System

    We promise to create a good career development platform for employees and gradually improve the training resource system based on the talent development strategy and relevant policies. We help all employees to enhance their professional  and management abilities in a targeted manner through mature talent development programs at four position levels and professional competence development in each department and position.

    In 2022, the Company's average hours per employee of training was 35.77 hours, an increase of 12.38% comparing to the previous year, with the average hours per female employee of training increasing by 11.63% comparing to the previous year.


  3. Compensation and Benefits

    The Company provides competitive salaries and benefits for employees. We pay all social insurance on time following the relevant national regulations, continuously improve the welfare protection system, and standardize labor management. We established a Compensation Management System to provide diverse compensation packages and incentives, such as annual salary increases and year-end bonuses for employees in different positions. In the future, the Company will also consider setting up a bonus and dividend refund and clawbacks for executives to protect the rights and interests of shareholders.

    The Company follows the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China,and other laws and regulations to ensure that employees enjoy legal holidays, paid annual leave, and other leave stipulated by national laws and regulations and the Group's system, so that employees can enjoy the right for reasonable rest and leave. The Company also provides employees with benefits such as annual festival benefits, birthday benefits, wedding gifts, maternity gifts,and annual health checkups, so that employees can feel the care of the Company.

  4. Communication and Care

    Employee Care

    We are committed to creating a comfortable office environment and a warm working atmosphere for our employees, and we value humanistic care for their physical and mental health, work balance and work experience. We have established a sound employee care system, encourage our employees to develop hobbies and enhance their physical fitness, organize various employee activities,and respond to the needs of our employees to strengthen the construction of facilities in the working environment.

    We are very concerned about the financial situation of our employees in difficulties and serious illnesses and have therefore set up a support fund.


    Employment communication
    We are always committed to guaranteeing the equality and freedom of employees to express their suggestions and ideas, respecting the diversified demands of employees, and taking multiple measures to create a two-way communication mechanism with multiple channels and methods for employees in the form of employee interviews, symposiums, face-to-face exchanges among the management, and regular meetings of labor unions, encouraging employees to put forward their opinions and suggestions in the course of their work, and carrying out emotional and stress relief in a timely manner, so as to ensure that the opinions and suggestions of the employees are respected, and that the problems of the employees are solved, thus creating an atmosphere of fairness, openness, and equality in the company within the enterprise.


    In the survey of dedication/satisfaction, we set qualitative and quantitative questions based on Gallup's Q12 theory, and those who choose "completely agree", "agree" and "basically agree" are regarded as dedicated/satisfied employees, while combining with group interviews to understand employees' opinions and suggestions. "In 2022, the total percentage of dedicated/satisfied employees was 98.45%, an increase of 1.71% from 2021.