ESG Governance Structure

ESG Mission

Upholding the vision of “Building into an ideal group”, Yihai Kerry constantly carries out management and technologies innovations. We strive to work with stakeholders in environmental responsibility, social responsibility and corporate governance, aiming for constant improvement and a sustainable future.


ESG Management Structure

In order to ensure the sustainable, standardised and healthy development of Yihai Kerry, to further improve the group's governance structure, and to develop and implement environmental, social and corporate governance practices, the Group has established the Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors.


Being a special committee under the Board of Directors, and chaired by the Chairman of the Group, the Sustainability Committee is mainly responsible for analysing the global economic and industrial trends, formulation of ESG strategy considering the Group’s situation, identification of ESG related risks, assessment of ESG performance, and supervision of the implementation of ESG. The Sustainability Committee is accountable to and reports to the Board of Directors.


The Group has set up the Sustainability Department as the supporting department for the Sustainability Committee, responsible for working with all relevant functional and operational departments to implement sustainable development strategies and specific measures.

Management Structure Chart



Attachment: Working Rules of Sustainability Committee of Yihai Kerry Board of Directors..PDF