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Talent Concept

Yihai Kerry attracts and retains capable and motivated loyal employees through competitive welfare treatment and excellent career development opportunities. We adhere to the five talent development strategies:value the internal training as the core, pay close attention to the construction of talent echelon, welcome the arrival of potential young talents, recruit professional talents according to business needs and strengthen the talent competition mechanism, aiming at the effective improvement of organizational capacity and the further development of talent echelon.


We believe that the full potential of each employee can be exerted by creating a rewarding and inspiring working environment.

Over the years, our business has been flourishing in China. We welcome dynamic and motivated candidates to join us.

You can follow the official recruitment public account of Yihai Kerry or click the link in the column above to submit your resumes online.

We regret to state that only shortlisted candidates will be called for the following interview.