Circular Economy

Yihai Kerry has innovatively developed new circular economy industrial models such as "rice circular economy, wheat refined processing, soybean refined processing, corn refined processing, palm oil refined processing, and green processing and utilization of oil and grease by-products", which comprehensively utilize the valuable food resources, add value to the processing, and drive the transformation of traditional agriculture and agricultural products from extensive cultivation to precise production, from primary processing to refined processing, and from resource consumption to efficient utilization, so that the positioning of the agricultural industry is more accurate, the value added is higher, and the industrial chain is longer.Rice circular economy, green processing and utilization of oil and grease by-products and other industrial models can effectively reduce the use of fossil energy, promote green and low-carbon development, and help realize the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutral".


Rice circular economy
A grain of rice not only can be transformed into brand product, but also can be derived from lecithin, rice bran wax, gluten Vitamin, rice thresh powder and other high value-added products, but also can generate electricity, make oil or tires, to achieve the "eat up and squeeze out". For example, rice husk power generation technology, it is estimated that if the 40 million tons of rice husks produced by the national annual output of 200 million tons of rice are all used to burn, the country can save about 19 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of about 53 million tons. (calculated by 5000 kcal/kg of raw coal)

Refined Processing of Wheat
With high-quality wheat as raw material, Yihai Kerry has built a rich product lineup, covering flour products such as small-packaged flour, pasta, industrial flour, bakery flour, general-purpose flour for catering and other by-products of wheat refine-processing. Not only do these products bring diversified choices of wheat products to consumers, but also deep-processed products such as gluten, wheat starch, fructose syrup, alcohol and so forth, which are widely used in the fields of bakery, confectionery, beverages and beer, leading the transformation of the industry. It opens a new pattern for the traditional wheat processing field and drives the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Refined Processing of Soybean
Taking high-quality soybeans as raw materials, Yihai Kerry has developed the longest industrial chain and the richest range of products in the soybean refine-processing industry, including primary soybean processing such as soy sauce meal, edible soybean flour and soybean hulls, etc., protein refine-processing, such as soybean protein concentrate, soybean isolate protein, soybean tissue protein, and drawn protein used in the vegetarian food industry, etc., as well as food and beverage products, such as soybean oil, soymilk powder, and soy lecithin, etc., totaling more than 200 kinds of soybean series products, which are widely used in the food industry. 


Refined Processing of Corn
With high-quality corn as raw material, Yihai Kerry has constructed a rich product series, covering starch and starch-sugar products such as edible corn starch, fructose syrup, maltose, edible glucose, etc., in small and medium-sized packages, and various types of corn refine-processed products are widely used in food (such as bakery products, confectionery, ham sausage, frozen food, casual food, etc.) and beverages, beer, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry and feed, etc., which are committed to promoting the optimization of industrial structure, extending the industrial chain, and promoting the sustainable development of the corn deep-processing industry.


Refined Processing of Palm Oil
Yihai Kerry is actively building a sustainable refined processing industry chain, using palm oil as a raw material to develop nutritious and healthy specialty oils and fats as well as green and environmentally friendly oleochemical products. The company has launched a series of zero/low trans fatty acid bakery fats and oils, chocolate fats and oils, frying fats and ice cream fats and oils, etc. The technology has been mass-produced in the Asian and European factories of its parent company, Wilmar International, and is being rolled out to Wilmar International factories around the world


Green Processing and Utilization of Oils and Fats By-products
Vegetable oil production also produces a variety of by-products, such as soap feet, deodorized distillate, and waste white clay during the oil refining process. Yihai Kerry adopts green processing technology to process waste white soil, soap feet and other by-products to produce fatty acids, glycerol and other basic oleochemical products, which provide high-quality raw materials for downstream fine chemicals; for deodorized distillate, the company independently develops a supercritical process to extract high-purity natural vitamin E and phytosterols, which are important raw materials for the processing and production of high-end nutrients, and produces diesel oil as by-products, which is environmentally friendly and recycled, and is an effective measure to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions globally.