Groundnut & Sesame

Established in October 2019, Yihai Kerry Groundnut & Sesame Business Unit is the management department for the overall planning of the R&D, production and sales of groundnut and sesame oils and foods (sauce, products) of the group. At present, Yihai Kerry has set up 6 groundnut oil production factories in Qingdao, Yanzhou, Shijiazhuang, Panjin, Maoming and Kaifeng, 3 sesame oil production factories in Wuhan, Tianjin and Qingdao, and 15 groundnut oil and sesame oil filling factories in China (11 groundnut oil filling factories, 4 sesame oil filling factories), and more and more factories will be gradually set up. The brands of peanut oil series include Orchid, Arawana, Wonder Farm, etc., and its venerable crushing groundnut oil and ancient technique pressed groundnut oil are most favored by consumers. In 2015, Orchid ancient oil pressing technique was included in the list of typical projects of Qingdao Municipal-Level Intangible Cultural Heritage. The brands of sesame oil series include Arawana, Wonder Farm and Neptune, the brand of sesame paste includes Neptune, the brands of sesame seeds include Neptune and Huanyan, and the brands of color-selected sesame seeds include Wonder Farm, Chuzhen.