Environmental Management

Our environmental management structure has clear responsibilities. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Committee is responsible for environmental management-related work. By implementing an environmental management system, advocating environmental certification, and enhancing environmental awareness, we minimize the impact of our Company on the environment.


We not only strictly comply with the requirements of environment-related laws and regulations in the places where it operates but also establish a library of laws and regulations such as Environmental Policy and Environmental Monitoring Management, covering all employees, contractors, or suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders.


Environmental Compliance Assessment

We established a library of applicable laws and regulations, conduct compliance analysis, and regularly update and disseminate them. We conduct regular environmental reviews of each factory and require each factory to conduct its own internal review and implement improvement measures to ensure that all operating factories follow approved procedures and conduct.


Procedure legitimacy


Reasonable process

legal licenses


  • New construction, alteration and expansion projects must go through an environmental impact assessment in accordance with the law.
  • Discharge and drainage systems must follow the discharge and drainage permit requirements.
  • Pollution-control measures must conform to the management requirements of the environmental impact assessment documents and discharge permits. Pollutant prevention and control measures shall be changed in due course if there are regulatory updates.


Behavior legitimacy

Management and standardized



  • Construction measures: Ensure appropriate wastewater, exhaust gas, noise and other pollution-control measures, as appropriate, and ensure that discharged pollutants meet the standards.
  • Dispose of general industrial solid waste and hazardous waste in accordance with the regulations, and establish environmental risk-prevention measures and emergency facilities.
  • Management measures: Ensure a sound environmental protection responsibility system;clearly identify pollution control facilities with appropriate signage; and self-monitor and implement report recommendations.



Environmental Management System

In 2022, the Company formulated the Whole Process Environmental Management Guidelines, Environmental Compliance Management Guidelines and other systems to standardize environmental management throughout the entire process of construction projects, and to clarify the environmental compliance management workflow of production and operation activities.  In addition, the Company pays great attention to the operation and reliability of environmental management measures, and adopts monthly and quarterly cyclical inspections, combined with unscheduled video inspections to monitor the environmental compliance management during the operation of each plant, to continuously improve the level of environmental management.  As of the end of 2022, 100% of the operating sites have been internally audited by experts from the Company's headquarters (Yihai Kerry Annual Factory Performance Assessment Checklist), of which the certification coverage rate of ISO 14001 environmental management system has reached 70.5%.

Example of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification


Environmental Emergency Management System

To effectively prevent the occurrence of environmental emergencies and improve the ability to deal with sudden environmental pollution accidents involving public crises, the Group's factories carry out environmental risk assessments under the relevant laws and regulations of countries and the places of operations, analyse and predict the existence of potential dangerous or harmful factors, determine the type of potential accident and the degree of harm and the scope of influence, and formulate environmental emergency response plans with the risk prevention measures.The Company established emergency mechanisms with local governments and communities, and conducted regular drills. In addition,to further enhance our capability to cope with environmental risks, some of our factories have responded to the local government's request to purchase environmental pollution liability insurance.


Environmental risk assessment and response initiatives

  • For new construction projects, we hire professional third-party institutions to carry out environmental risk assessment, and prepare emergency environmental contingency plans, and file them according to the requirements of the ecological and environmental authorities in the place of operation.
  • Emergency drills for environmental emergencies are conducted regularly to ensure the feasibility of the plans. In 2021, 42 emergency drills were conducted by the Group's enterprises and corporate groups.
  • Environmental pollution liability insurance can help enterprises effectively diversify some of their risks and quickly resume normal production and operation if an environmental accident occurs. It can also strengthen the supervision and management of the insurance company to protect the environment and prevent environmental damage.


Environmental Protection Awareness Enhancement
In order to strengthen the environmental awareness of all employees, the Company regularly conducts environmental management training, and carries out special training for the interpretation of updated policies and regulations, environmental compliance management, risk management of environmental protection facilities, management of hazardous waste, and management of automatic monitoring facilities for pollution sources, etc. In 2022, the Company's environmental protection training coverage reached 100%, and the same as the training plan, among which, the total training hours at the headquarters was 16,279, and the number of participants totaled 2,269.

The Company is fully aware of the value, importance and necessity of sustainable development, that is, meeting current social needs without compromising the social needs of future generations so that they can enjoy the same resources as we do today. The Company is committed to minimizing the impact on the environment in all its production and operation activities. That's why we have an environmental policy, committed to minimising the impact on the environment in all our production and business activities.



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