Compliance Operation

Yihai Kerry abides by business ethics, upholds integrity, complies with relevant laws and regulations of relevant countries, effectively protects the rights and interests of shareholders, and implements the principle of integrity in business decisions and operations.


Compliance Operation According to Law
We uphold the concept of corporate governance according to law, leverage the leading role of rule of law, fulfill the responsibilities of the first person responsible for rule of law and compliance, and sort out improvement measures in project construction, qualification examination, supply chain, production process and safety environment management, and guide the implementation of improvement measures step by step and case by case.


Strengthening Risk Management
By strengthening financial management, contract management and review, and legal risk prevention and control, we have gradually established a risk management system to identify and control major risks, constantly improve the standardization level of enterprise management, and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the Group.

In addition, the Group has also set up the Audit Committee under the Board of Directors, responsible for communication with, supervision and inspection on external auditors, supervision of the internal audit, evaluation and improvement of the internal control system of the Group, risk analysis of major investment projects being operated by the Group and control and daily management of affiliated transactions of the Group. The Internal Audit Department is the internal audit body of the Group, assisting in the establishment and improvement of relevant mechanisms, and paying reasonable attention to and checking any possible violations of professional ethics and social ethics during the internal audit process.

The Internal Audit Department audits the implementation of this Code of Conduct at all places of operation at least once every three years.


Enhancing Compliance Management
The Group has developed and improved the anti-corruption system, strictly require its companies and employees to abide by Code of Business Ethics, Anti-corruption Policy, Code of Conduct for Employees and other regulations, revised and improved the Anti-fraud System, so as to determine the key areas, key processes and contents for anti-fraud, strengthen the internal control mechanism of the Group, and pay reasonable attention to and check possible fraud. Furthermore, in accordance with the principle of fairness and justice, the Group signs Anti-Commercial Bribery Agreements with its business partners to maintain a fair and just business order.


Compliance Training

To ensure that all employees and partners understand and implement the relevant laws and regulations that we need to comply with in the course of our business,the Company conducts annual compliance promotion events and training for all employees and partners. 


Safeguarding Shareholders’ Rights and Interests
We have constantly improved the Group's governance structure, promoted the management level, rewarded shareholders, safeguarded their legitimate rights and interests, and achieved the harmonious and win-win development of both the Group and all stakeholders.