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Promoting Nutrition and Health

With the continuous economic development, people's pursuit of healthy and high-quality life is increasingly growing, Yihai Kerry, based on its decades of technologies, products, services and experience, strives to provide consumers with healthier products, better services and more diversified choices, practicing the outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan.

Spreading Small Product Packaging

In the 1980s, Chinese people carried oil cans to buy bulk cooking oil, which was contaminated by impurities, smoky and unsafe. In order to offer people with safe and healthy cooking oil, Yihai Kerry launched Arawana small package cooking oil in 1991, which has broken the traditional cooking oil consumption habits of Chinese people, promoted the transformation of national consumption pattern from bulk oil to small package oil, and is a milestone for the development of China's grain and oil industry. So far, Yihai Kerry has launched a variety of cooking oil products, including sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, rice oil, corn oil, peanut oil and blend oil, ranging from 900ml, 1.8L to 5L.

Yihai Kerry has also gradually copied the successful experience of cooking oil in small packaging to rice, flour and other fields, continuously providing consumers with more safe, nutritious, healthy and delicious quality products. For example, the 300g Arawana small packaging fresh rice is a product designed for families, which can exactly meet the consumption amount of a meal for a warm family of three according to the recommended amount of Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, and is consumed at one time, with right nutrition and taste.

Improving Products and Nutritional Value

As one of the leading enterprises in grain and oil industry, Yihai Kerry always takes promoting industry reform and innovation as its own responsibility, and is committed to scientific and technological innovation in the field of grain and oil, developing nutritional products, guiding the healthy consumption of Chinese people and leading the healthy development of the industry. Relying on its leading technical advantages and strong R&D strength, Yihai Kerry innovates or improves the processing technology to retain the original natural nutrients of the products. Food fortification is an important measure to improve nutrition because some products are naturally deficient in certain nutrients, or many people may find it difficult to obtain comprehensive nutrition through diversified diets due to economic reasons or dietary habits. Therefore, Yihai Kerry has been developing nutrition-enhanced products through innovative processing technology and constantly promoting the innovation of kitchen food categories; in addition, Yihai Kerry uses oil to process by-products, produces food or drug ingredients with health functions, and develops corresponding health food according to the special nutritional needs of special groups.

--Developing Nutritional Products

Blend Oil Series

Influenced by dietary habits, many families consume the same kind of vegetable oil for a long time, which makes the intake of dietary fatty acids relatively single and difficult to achieve the balance of dietary fatty acids.

As the first grain and oil enterprise to apply the concept of fatty acid balance into practice, Yihai Kerry has set a new standard in the field of blending oil by pioneering the introduction of high-quality blending oil products. By mixing two or more vegetable oils in certain proportion, Yihai Kerry solves the problem of fatty acid imbalance caused by Chinese residents' long-term consumption of single vegetable oils, which is an innovative move in China's oil industry. After further studying the dietary habits of Chinese people, Yihai Kerry continues to innovate by applying the research results of medical science and nutrition on the relationship between dietary fat and human health to product design, bringing into birth the second generation of blend oil blended with eight kinds of vegetable oil - 1:1:1 golden ratio blend oil, enabling consumers with the nutrition of eight vegetable oils from only one bottle of oil, and thus leading the health trend once again.

At present, the blend oil products of Yihai Kerry include rice fresh edible vegetable blend oil, sunflower seed flaxseed edible vegetable blend oil, extra virgin olive oil edible vegetable blend oil, golden ratio edible vegetable blend oil and so on.

Nutritional Oil and Fat Products Series

Guided by the lipid nutritional needs of the people, Yihai Kerry constantly explores the composition characteristics and nutritional value of different oils, and actively develops, by innovating processing technology, healthy oil and fat resources, including rice oil rich in oryzanol, phytosterol and vitamin E, linseed oil and walnut oil rich in α-linolenic acid and wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E and so on, to meet the health needs of consumers.

Rice oil is recognized as one of the high-end healthy cooking oils suitable for human health in the world, which is rich in natural oryzanol, phytosterol and vitamin E. Yihai Kerry has long been involved in the R&D of rice oil, and after years of efforts, finally created the rice oil of China - Arawana rice oil, presenting the world the innovative development of Chinese food science and technology and the unremitting pursuit of quality, and striving for a seat of Chinese rice oil brands in international markets. In 2016, Arawana rice oil won the ICRBO 2016 (The 3rd International Conference on Rice Bran Oil) Quality Award, the highest award in edible oil industry; in 2018, Arawana rice oil landed in Japan; in 2019, Arawana rice oil ushered in a historic breakthrough in the North American market.

High Quality Rice, Flour and Other Products

The upgrading of consumption and the change of diet structure have brought about the increasing pursuit of healthy life concept and high quality life, and “a full stomach” is no longer enough to satisfy the needs of modern people. Relying on its strong R&D strength, Yihai Kerry is actively engaged in the R&D of cereal nutrition and health products, with its fresh quality rice series. Yihai Kerry successively launched 51 Arawana Quality + buckwheat noodles, mung bean wheat core noodles, mushroom noodles, egg wheat core noodles and other noodles, high fiber soymilk powder, high calcium soymilk powder, high protein soymilk powder and other bean products as well as plant-based protein products, adding to the sweet, fragrant and beautiful life of the people.

Yihai Kerry is committed to the exploration of advanced rice processing mode and has innovated the “six-step fine control technology of fresh rice”, which is applied in six key processes of “fresh harvest, fresh grain, fresh storage, fresh grinding, fresh packing and fresh eating”, protecting the fresh quality of rice in the whole process technologically, improving the taste, freshness and mouthfeel of rice and meeting consumers' demand for “fresh and delicious” high-quality rice, while saving grain and reducing loss, and highly consistent with the national food safety strategy.

Buckwheat is one kind of healthy food, which is rich in dietary fiber, as well as important lysine and rutin that are not found in regular grains. The noodles with high buckwheat content have high nutritional value, good taste and convenient consumption. However, buckwheat itself does not contain the protein that can form gluten, so the higher the content of buckwheat in buckwheat noodles, the more difficult it is to shape the noodles. Based on independent scientific and technological innovation and after a number of experiments and attempts, Yihai Kerry has broken through foreign technological monopoly and created a higher content and more nutritious “51 Arawana Quality + Buckwheat Noodles”, increasing the content of buckwheat flour to 51%, creating healthier and nutritious products for consumers.

Vegetable Protein Series Products

Consumption upgrading and aging of population lead to the continuous growth of domestic animal protein consumption, and it has been a trend to replace animal protein by vegetable protein from the perspective of environmental sustainability and nutritional health. Compared with animal protein, vegetable protein can provide more dietary fiber, reduce the intake of cholesterol and saturated fat, and is a more nutritious, healthy and sustainable alternative to animal protein.

Considering the advantages of high quality soybean protein in domestic Non-GM soybean, Yihai Kerry has boldly explored the domestic soybean deep processing industry, developed the soybean intensive and deep processing industry model with outstanding industrial chain, technological level and product category in the world, broken the traditional model in China that is mainly limited to oil & fat and feed fields, produced, by using soybean meal as raw material and undergoing high-tech process, soy protein isolate powder, soy protein baking powder, soy protein texture powder, soy protein concentrate powder (which can be processed into nutritional and functional soybean protein concentrate through modification and powder spraying), soy sauce meal, and defatted soybean meal that can be further processed into protein hydrolysate and edible flour. These vegetable protein products are widely used in meat products, surimi products, baked goods, baby foods, frozen foods and snack foods. The plant-based meat products, which are mainly processed from high-quality Non-GM soy protein in China, have taste and nutritional value similar to “real meat”.

In addition to soy protein, Yihai Kerry is also engaged in other plant protein research and innovation, including peanut protein, corn protein and wheat protein.

--Retaining Original Nutrients

Based on its green, precise and moderate processing technology for cooking oil with independent intellectual property rights, Yihai Kerry produces single oil and blend oil products with free trans-fatty acids and high nutritional retention, which not only meets the standard of “free trans-fatty acids”, but also retains over 80% of the microconstituents such as vitamin E, phytosterol and glutamine, 20% higher than the oil produced by traditional processing technology; its “Double 10000” rice oil, with both the contents of oryzol and phytosterol exceeding 10000PPM, has won many international awards such as ICRBO 2016 Quality Award; its corn oil is rich in phytosterol, and the natural retained phytosterol content can be up to 8080PPM; and the olive polyphenol content of its high polyphenol olive oil is over 400PPM.

In grain processing, Yihai Kerry has always believed that moderate processing in the rice industry is truly beneficial to the country and the people. Cereals are an important food source of vitamins B, minerals and dietary fiber, and over-processing leads to the loss of these nutrients along with energy waste. After continuous trial, pilot and market feedback tracking of moderately processed products, Yihai Kerry has gradually established industry-leading rice processing methods and standards to provide consumers with high nutrition retained rice.

--Nutrient Fortification

Yihai Kerry is actively engaged in the R&D of cereals and oils with nutrient fortification, including vegetable oil, baking oils and fats, liquid milk and so on. For example, soybean oil fortified with vitamins A and E; liquid milk fortified with vitamin A and calcium, such as Meadow Fresh Walking Cow high calcium content milk for children, which has the contents of vitamin A and calcium up to 75μgRE/ 100mL and 130mg/100ml respectively, 39% and 21% higher respectively than conventional products, and its content of vitamin E is as high as 2.0mgα-TE/100ml, far higher than conventional products; vitamin-fortified baking oils. For example, “Shoubiao” Tibet Yak Butter launched by Yihai Kerry is fortified with vitamins A and E, with 100g product containing vitamin A up to 500μg of retinol equivalent, and vitamin E up to 14mgα-tocopherol equivalent, accounting for 63% and 100% respectively of the recommended nutrient intake (RNI) (2013 latest edition of Dietary Reference Intakes of Chinese Residents), while natural butter and Mongolian butter have very little vitamin E and almost no vitamin A.

--Green Processing and Utilization of Oil By-products

By using green processing technology to process and utilize various by-products from vegetable oil production, Yihai Kerry produces food and pharmaceutical ingredients with healthy function. For example, we produce fatty acids, glycerin and other basic oleylation products, providing high-quality raw materials for downstream fine chemicals; we have independently developed supercritical process to extract vitamin E and phytosterol for processing and producing important raw materials of high-end nutrition products, with by-product of methyl ester, realizing the deepening utilization of resources for producing phospholipids, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and other products.

MCT is a medium chain fat with 8-10 carbon atoms and is usually isolated from coconut or palm kernel oil. Compared with long-chain fatty acid triglycerides, MCT has smaller molecular weight and faster hydrolysis rate, making it easier to be digested, absorbed and metabolized by human body. It can be used in different fields such as special diet and special medical use formula food. For example, there are a significant number of infants and young children (premature and low-birth-weight infants, etc.) with specific medical conditions, and they have specific nutritional needs. MCT can be used as an energy source for premature and low-birth-weight infants, and it is also widely used in a variety of other special-purpose food, such as formula food for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, one of the respiratory diseases.

--Healthy Food for Special Groups

Infant Group

As one of the three important nutrients, fat plays a very important role in infant formula food, while the fat in breast milk is changing throughout the lactation period, which is a difficult problem and challenge for the development of infant formula products.

Through a long-term focus on infant formula product as well as a comprehensive and scientific study of breast milk fat, Yihai Kerry has successfully developed high-quality breast milk fat substitute that meets the needs of infant growth, and independently developed structural fat OPO, ensuring that the lipid structure in the infant formula powder is close to breast milk to meet the growth and development needs of infants and young children. In addition, Yihai Kerry is one of the major drafters for developing national OPO standards.

Special grease series products for infant formula milk powder of Yihai Kerry include refined grease series for high-end infant formula milk powder, structural ester OPO/OPL series, OPO mixed vegetable oil series, resembled breast milk grease series, etc.

The Elderly Group

Relying on its own R&D advantages, Yihai Kerry helps the elderly with a nutritious and healthy diet from the perspectives of product R&D, industry-university-research cooperation and project implementation, develops targeted products to meet the special nutritional and health needs of the elderly, and support the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of health services for the elderly. Based on the existing rice, flour, oil and vegetable protein industry chain, through technological R&D and intensive processing, the Group develops healthy food suitable for daily consumption and rich in nutrients for the elderly, including Arawana fermented noodles, coarse grain flour, noodles products and so on. The Group also cooperates with Chinese Nutrition Society and other professional organizations to develop diversified nutritional dietary programs to meet the special needs of the elderly, assist nursing homes with nutritional catering projects, and design nearly 100 recipes.

Pupils Group

Yihai Kerry also pays close attention to the healthy growth of pupils. In cooperation with nutritional food companies, the Group is the first in the industry to use high-quality rice oil to cook delicious meals for children and create nutritional food upgrade programs. In addition, the Group also offers products suitable for pupils, such as rice mate, rice oil and high protein content Walking Cow milk, to contribute to the healthy growth of children.

Pregnant Women Group

The health status of pregnant women is not only related to their own health, but also has a profound impact on the growth and development of the fetus from birth to adulthood. Therefore, nutrition and diet for pregnant women are particularly important. Cooking oil with higher content of N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids should be selected as much as possible for pregnant women to meet their nutritional needs for fatty acids. Yihai Kerry selects imported raw materials to blend sunflower seed flaxseed edible blend oil, with α-linolenic acid content up to 55000ppm and linoleic acid content up to 44%, helping pregnant women scientifically supplement n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, in addition to meeting all kinds of daily cooking methods for families, which is a safe, nutritious and high-quality good oil suitable for pregnant women.

Contributing to Three Reductions, Improving Nutritious Diets

As living standards is improving, obesity rates in China are also rising, which is due to the unscientific diet structure and backward concept of nutrition and health. In this connection, the State Council, in a statement on the implementation of the Healthy China Action, called for the implementation of a rational diet action to encourage the whole society to participate in reducing sugar, salt and oil by strengthening nutrition and dietary guidance. Responding positively to the national strategy, Yihai Kerry accelerates its presence in big health industry and develops functional foods with low sugar, low fat and low sodium.

--Sugar Reduction

Yihai Kerry is developing reduced-sugar soybean milk powder, which has a lower content of added sugar than traditional products by improving the processing process.

In addition, Yihai Kerry is developing whole grain cereals, such as whole wheat flour, buckwheat noodles, rice starch powder, and low GI rice. With rich dietary fiber, whole grains can delay the absorption of glucose, help control blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes, while low GI rice helps keep blood sugar stable.

--Reducing Trans Fatty Acid and Fat Intake

High intake of trans-fatty acids can raise blood cholesterol, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition to the introduction of cooking oils with free trans-fatty acids, Yihai Kerry actively reduces trans-fatty acids in baking oils. Through specific oil selection and process improvement, the Group develops low saturated and low trans-fatty acids for different baking product types. For example, through transesterification, extraction and formulation design, the Group obtains anti-low saturation baking grease products with less than 50% saturation, which is lower than the current market products; and the Group uses enzymatic or chemical transesterification technology to produce anti-low saturation chocolate products, which can effectively reduce the problem of high saturation caused by fully hydrogenated products, and make the products closer to natural cocoa butter, contributing to healthy oils.

As one of the three nutrients, fat provides nutrients needed by human body, but excessive intake of fat can lead to cerebral thrombosis, high blood pressure, youth obesity and other diseases.

Yihai Kerry has developed a technology of “preparation and application of low energy fat substitute”, and prepared through technological innovation a new type of fat substitute - polyerythritol fatty-acid ester. It is partially degraded in the body, avoiding adverse effects on the gut and providing the unsaturated fatty acids needed by the body. It can replace some or all of the fat in bread without affecting the quality of the bread.

In addition, Yihai Kelly has synthesized functional lipids in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT)/medium-long-chain triglycerides (MLCT) and other products, contributing to weight loss, especially excess fat in the body, suitable for people who have the need to lose weight.

--Salt Reduction

Based on the Dietary Reference Intakes of Chinese residents, Salt consumption should be limited to 6 grams per day, compared with 10.5 grams per person in China in 2012, according to the national nutrition and health monitoring results. Yihai Kerry is actively committed to the R&D of low salt products, such as low salt original taste noodles, low salt egg noodles, low salt soy sauce, etc. Low salt noodles, for example, have a sodium content reduced by 80% compared with the original traditional noodles.

Optimizing Product Quality, Reducing Additives

In recent years, Yihai Kerry focuses on the development of moderate processing technology for edible vegetable oil. Through the optimization of processing technology, the Group tries to retain rich accompaniment of oils and fats, such as vitamin E, phytosterol, oryzol and other bioactive substances, in the oil. The accompaniment of oils and fats not only improves the nutritional value of the product, but also reduces the need for exogenous additives such as preservatives. In addition to process optimization, the Group uses nitrogen-filled methods to preserve cooking oil and UV resistant food packaging materials to further reduce the use of additives such as preservatives. At present, Arawana small package oil products do not use preservatives and other additives.

Furthermore, Yihai Kerry tries to avoid additives in its rice, noodles, condiments and other products, for example, 0 preservatives in rice products, grain products, small packaged flour and other products; 0 preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), and 0 colorant (caramel color) in light soy sauce and vinegar for most consumer channels.

Creating Organic Products

--Organic Grease Products

Yihai Kerry provides customers with a wide range of high quality organic monomer and organic compound oil products with selected resources around the world. The Group has the European Union and China Green organic double certification; its products adopt organic agricultural production, scientific management, and order planting. Its organic raw materials are from advantageous production areas, with special lines for processing and production of organic vegetable oil before centralized distribution. Its products can be traced throughout the process to ensure product quality and food safety. These organic oils include: organic soybean oil, organic high oleic acid sunflower seed oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic low erucic acid rapeseed oil, organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, organic edible vegetable blend oil, etc.

In addition, since 2014, Yihai Kerry has started to select organic palm oil resources (one of the raw materials for organic OPO processing) worldwide for technical solution and reserve of organic OPO. In 2020, the Milkopas series OPO products of Yihai Kerry obtained China and EU organic product certification, marking a milestone achievement in the process of organic milk powder humanization, which will promote the “structured humanization” of organic infant formula powder, help organic milk powder closer to breast milk, and open a new era of organic formula powder at the industry level.

--Organic Health Brand

YOJI is a new organic health brand created by Yihai Kerry, which upholds the concept of “ultimate cleanliness and ultimate nature for ultimate organic”, and is committed to providing consumers with pure organic products. By selecting high-quality raw materials from all over the world, YOJI brings foreign organic products to China: organic virgin coconut oil from the Philippines, organic sunflower oil from Kazakhstan, organic extra virgin olive oil from Spain, etc. Each YOJI product has been certified by at least two international organic certification organizations. In addition, a transparent visual system is available for consumers to understand the information from organic planting to packaged products by scanning the bottle, realizing real organic traceability.

Improving Nutritional Diet Structure

Yihai Kerry actively carries out R&D and production of big health food, and promotes the implementation of the central kitchen project. The Group invests in the middle and downstream of the central kitchen business and is committed to establishing a perfect central kitchen supporting system. The Group is engaged in food manufacturing and catering services to build a whole industrial chain from the source to the table, so as to comprehensively promote the development of a new mode of Chinese catering, constantly meet the diversified and personalized needs of the people for functional nutrition and health food, and continuously contribute to the improvement of the nutritional structure of the Chinese people and the realization of the “Healthy China” strategy.