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Flour Business Unit

Established in 2007, Yihai Kerry Flour Division is the specialized management division for the wheat processing projects and wheat product marketing of the Group. The relevant product brands include “Arawana”“Wonder Farm”“Gold Ingots”“Blue Key”“Neptune”“Purple Orchid”“Double Ring” and “Fengyuan”, etc., and the product categories cover small package flour and fine dried noodles, industrial flour, baking powder, all-purpose flour for catering, wheat processing by-products, etc.


Flour products of Yihai Kerry fully rely on the three-level new product R&D system of “ R&D Center of the Group, Product Management of the Division, and Quality & Research Department of the Plant”, and have been actively promoted the production and marketing mode of specialization of civil-use flour and differentiation of baking powder. The market segment products such as the self-developed “Arawana” multipurpose small package flour, “Golden Mountain” and “Flower Drum” high-end baking powder, and “Wonder Farm” special flour for beef noodles have yielded fruitful results, received high praise from the consumers and professional customers, and built good quality reputation and industrial influence. Based on the production idea of “science, rigor, safety and health” since its founding, the Flour Division deepens the marketing policy of “quality stability, supply stability, service stability and market stability”, and lays stress on winning the trust of the customers and broad consumers with stable quality and excellent service.