Grain & Oil Raw Material

The Grain & Oil Raw Material Business Unit of Yihai Kerry is responsible for the grain purchase and storage network, grain trade management, grain and oil information study, and the specific operation and integrated management of futures and spot markets trading, specifically including the six sectors of soybean, wheat, corn and starch, miscellaneous grains, purchase and storage, futures trading and market research. While purchasing high cost-effective raw materials for the plants, it conducts hedging in combination with the futures to prevent cost risks, and assists relevant departments of the Group with the development of the grain deep processing industry.


The emphasis of the Grains Business Department is to extend from point to area and give overall consideration, satisfy the raw grain processing demand of plants, develop grain trade depending on the market, carry out "integration of industry and trade", "combination of futures and spot markets" and "combination of supply and demand", strive to construct a first-rate grain purchase and sales system in the country, and become a domestically first-class raw grain supplier.