Product Safety and Quality

As a food manufacturing enterprise, Yihai Kerry has always given top priority to product quality and safety, actively fulfilled its social responsibility, and continued to provide consumers with nutritious, healthy, safe and delicious products.Yihai Kerry values the quality and safety of its products, strictly complies with the food quality and safety laws and regulations in all places of its operation, and has established a sound quality control and review system in all places of its operation to strictly control each operation process and improve quality management level.

  1. Quality and Safety Management System

    The Company strictly complies with the provisions of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations for the Implementation of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, and other laws and related regulations,combined with the GB 14881 General Hygiene Practice for Food Production, the ISO 9001 Quality Management System,the ISO 22000/FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System, the ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratory General Requirements for Proficiency, IP Certification (Non-GMO Identity Maintenance), and multiple industry chains and industry-standard requirements, such as the BRC Food Safety Standard (British Retail Consortium) and the AIB Unified Food Safety Standard (American Institute of Baking).We have implemented internal standardized management and established a risk management system covering all key points of quality and safety, focusing on excellence, and built a multisystem,multi-level, effective quality and safety management system.

    The China Quality Award, established in 2012 and is selected every two years, is the highest honor in the field of quality in China. On September 16, 2021, the China Quality (Hangzhou) Conference and the 4th China Quality Award Ceremony were held in Hangzhou. With the "Four F,One New" management model of "World Quality, Healthy China", Yihai Kerry was nominated for the China Quality Award and was the only grain and oil company on the shortlist for this year's China Quality Award.

  2. Food Safety Process Control

    We strictly control food safety, set up corresponding requirements and policies, establish a food safety risk checklist, and implement process control work of daily control, weekly checks, and monthly dispatch to ensure food safety. We strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and have established a perfect management system for genetically modified products.


  3. Quality and Safety Culture Construction

    We continue to strengthen the construction of a quality and safety culture. Employee product quality and food safety-related training programs are organized annually, integrating quality and safety into daily work.


    We insist on training on laws, regulations and standards, quality control measures, quality management and process system, Lean Six Sigma management, total quality management, balanced scorecard, and other topics to continuously improve employees' professional and technical ability and quality management level. We also deepen quality awareness and enhance all employees' quality control and management ability. In 2022, we conducted 2,583 quality-related training sessions, with 69,676 participants and 252,653 cumulative training hours.


    We conduct long-term food safety training activities involving all employees, covering basic knowledge of food safety, new regulations and standards, good operating practices, or critical requirements for food safety. In 2022, we conducted 2,277 food safety training sessions, with 171,198 participants and 552,945 training hours.

  4. Providing Excellent Customer Service

    We are committed to improving customer satisfaction as its goal. By establishing an efficient customer service system, following the Marketing Company Customer Complaint Management System, creating a professional service team and a multi-channel feedback mechanism, including a "400 hotline", a global customer management system, a terminal quality submission platform, and a national 12315 platform, we communicate with consumers efficiently and enhance customer trust and satisfaction. In 2022, we strengthened our online customer service capabilities, broadened the communication bridge with consumers, and reduced consumer waiting time through intelligent and convenient online customer service to enhance the consumer experience.


    We investigate the satisfaction of complaint processing results through the automatic scoring system for incoming calls from "400 hotline" and regular telephone follow-up visits to continuously improve the service quality and customer experience. In 2022, the customer complaint closure rate was 100%, and the customer service satisfaction rate was 98.95%.