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Promoting Sustainable Packaging

Recognizing the role of packaging in providing functional protection and product information, reducing food waste and ensuring product quality and safety, Yihai Kerry is committed to reducing the environmental impact of packaging in production, distribution and recycling through certain measures. Guided by GB/T 16716 Packaging and the Environment, Yihai Kerry actively carries out annual green packaging projects, systematically optimizes packaging materials and product design, continuously develops sustainable product packaging, and takes practical actions to fulfill corporate environmental and social responsibilities.


Packaging Reduction

In order to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, in recent years, Yihai Kerry has systematically collated the existing commodity packaging on the premise of satisfying its functional needs and being acceptable to consumers (users), and reduced the use of packaging materials through the application of new materials and physical structure innovation.


Based on the environmental characteristics of warehousing and logistics in dry and wet seasons, Yihai Kerry has optimized the paper distribution scheme of corrugated cartons used in production and storage processes to reduce the paper consumption, to meet the function of carton use while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For rice plastic bag packaging, Yihai Kerry uses high performance polyethylene material to reduce the thickness of rice plastic bag by more than 10%; and replace plastic handle of the rice bag with polyethylene soft handle through innovation of equipment and packaging structure, resulting in about 12g polyethylene plastic reduction for each handle. Such innovation has obtained national patented invention (patent number: ZL201921458458.6). As for cooking oil packaging, a more optimized bottle structure design and cap specifications are adopted to reduce the use of plastics and carbon emissions in the production process without affecting the function. In addition, in the woven bag material composition of rice and flour products, Yihai Kerry adds certain functional inorganic master materials, effectively avoiding the excessive use of plastic.


--Action Performance

Yihai Kerry evaluates and optimizes the use of all packaging products every year. Among more than a dozen packaging reduction projects implemented in 2021, more than 1,391 tons of plastic and 83 tons of glass materials have been reduced in the first three quarters, with the average amount of raw material consumption being reduced by 14% for each packaging.


Packaging Reuse

In terms of logistics and storage stages, Yihai Kerry reused baskets and calcium-plastic boxes, and improved their recycling utilization rate, which has reduced the use of carton while reusing the packaging, achieving the purpose of environmental protection.


--Action Performance

Yihai Kerry evaluates and optimizes the use of all packaging products every year. In the first three quarters of 2021, 6,679 baskets and calcium-plastic boxes have been added, which is estimated to save about 70,000 cartons through their whole life cycle.


--Material Recycling

Yihai Kerry makes packaging materials easy to recover and recycle by adjusting the packaging material formula and optimizing the structure design. For woven bag packaging materials that are not used for direct food contact, Yihai Kerry promotes the use of polypropylene (PP) recycling master material, which enables material recycling while ensuring product quality and safety, so as to reduce the use of primary polypropylene (PP) plastic and the impact on the environment. By optimizing the multilayer composite rice packaging into corrugated packaging, using PET shrink film label for cooking oil packaging, applying direct printing or compositing after the same material film printing for polypropylene (PP) woven bags, and launching laser engraving technology for YOUJI wooden gift box packaging instead of sticker labels, Yihai Kerry makes packagings easier to recycle.


--Action Performance

Yihai Kerry evaluates and optimizes the use of all packaging products every year. In the first three quarters of 2021, at least 4,200 tons of plastic have been recycled through the use of polypropylene (PP) to recycle the master material.